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Improved Infrastructure, Security Attracting Investors in Marsabit County

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An improvement in the state of infrastructure and security in Marsabit County has created an enabling environment for investments to grow.

With vast land, major infrastructure projects like dry ports, airports and learning institutions can easily be facilitated at costs manageable to investors.

This is according to area governor Ali Mohamud Mohamed.

He said that the completion of the north-south highway linking Isiolo – Marsabit and Ethiopia opened up the area to investments opportunities and greatly improve connectivity.

He further said that a boost in security operators by the national government has also contributed to the growth as investors are now freely touring the County without fear of being ambushed by bandits.

He said that the upgrading of Marsabit town into a municipality has further driven the incentive for commerce to thrive.

“The Marsabit County has demonstrated its capacity and potential in revenue generation and collection to sustain its operation as per the criteria set in the relevant statute, “he said.

He maintained that Marsabit County is strategically positioned for investment because it borders Ethiopia where cross border trade abounds with very high returns for the locals.

He attributes the success of the County to security operators while electricity connectivity had reached all locations in the county making it ideal for locals to engage in income-generating activities.

Marsabit County plans to engage the neighboring counties of Isiolo, Meru, Samburu, Wajir and Turkana to enhance intra-border trade between the counties. In addition, the Marsabit County Government is in the process of putting up market structures in all major trading centres.

The 2019 County Fiscal Strategy Paper (CFSP) states that to align and support the National government focus on the four areas of food security, universal health care, expansion of manufacturing and housing, the county has committed to sustaining allocation of significant resources to the concerned sector. 

An average of 22% of budgetary allocations goes to the health sector while the agriculture, Trade and Cooperatives, Water Services and Energy & Environment sectors that support food security and value addition will consume 23% in the medium term.

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According to the County investment guide, a framework is in place to coordinate industrial de- elopement activities, including management of the SME Industrial Parks and Industrial Development Centres (IDCs) within the County.

The research document states that the County is endowed with vast wind and solar power potential, which can be harnessed to spur economic growth.

“The County is seeking for investors and donors to bring modern technology, expertise and management to help exploit the abundant Green Energy, “Statement read.

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Marsabit blends unique opportunities for cutting edge world-class tourism products ranging from cultural tourism to conferencing, game drives, prehistoric site visits to the Cradle of Mankind and the scenic Lake Paradise. The big five wild animals are all here, as well as camel derbies and sport fishing.

The document further states that to revolutionize and modernize the MSE sector, a concerted effort is required towards upgrading the sub-sectors.

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