May 22, 2024


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Man digs own grave,threatens to kill self

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A man shocked Navava village residents in, Kakamega County, when he dug his own grave, threatening to kill himself as the only way to end what he termed as ‘unbearable troubles’.

 Neighbours say George Amagalu,40, was not happy that his father sold his only piece of land without his consent. Confirming the incident, Lwandeti Sub-Location Assistant Chief Thomas Luvonga said could not handle having lost the only piece of land he had.

Sexually-Frustrated Man Digs Own Grave, Threatens To Kill Self Over Sex Ban  - Sleek Gist

 Luvonga said the father of six, had returmed from Nairobi where he had gone to look for a job only to find his piece of land sold.

“Upon being informed that the land had been sold, he took a hoe and started digging the grave, threatening to kill himself,” he said. The administrator intervened and convinced him to refill the grave

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