December 7, 2023


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My step brothers tried to take our land

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IAM Maxwel  Okwimu from  Kisumu.I live with my family at Nakuru.

After the death of my Father,who had two wives,a quarrel on land succession came up.I was the firstborn son of my father’s second wife.

My elder mother,the first wife had four sons.They all claimed that all my father’s land,including the land that we lived with my mother belonged to them.Moreso,they threatened to harm us iof we didn’t vacate from there in a month.

We tried to reach out for help,and the court ordered that the land which was 14 acres be dsivided equally.They came in with false documents and claimed that all land should be left to the  elderly wife to divide As the culture states.

From that point,there was no otherwise other than us vacating to another place.I could not believe that our so called relatives were also against us.Now we had less than \two weeks to leave the place,including our owmn house.I was only 19 years old.

It was then that a local Family friend told me about DR MUGWEMNU,a well recognized herbalist countrywide,and how he had helped him get back his lost motorbike earlier on.

So I decided to consult DR MUGWENU.I called him an d explained to him the issue.Withoput even having to physically meet,he helped me in his ways and that we won the courtcase whose appeal was done.Moreso,we were given a larger part  of the land And we still stayed in peace with my step brothers.

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