December 6, 2023


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Revealed:Mwai Kibaki shortcoming when serving as president

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As with any political figure, Mwai Kibaki had both achievements and shortcomings during his presidency. Some of his shortcomings include:

  1. Slow Reform Implementation: Despite introducing a number of reforms, Kibaki was criticized for the slow pace of implementation. Some of his reforms were hindered by bureaucratic obstacles and political resistance.
  2. Ethnic Tensions: During Kibaki’s presidency, Kenya experienced a wave of ethnic violence following the disputed 2007 presidential election. This resulted in widespread violence and displacement, and was a major setback for the country.
  3. Corruption: Despite efforts to combat corruption, corruption remained a persistent problem during Kibaki’s presidency. Some officials and politicians continued to engage in corrupt practices, undermining the government’s efforts to promote transparency and accountability.

Kenya's former president Kibaki dies at 90

  1. Economic Challenges: Kenya faced a number of economic challenges during Kibaki’s presidency, including high inflation, rising food prices, and slow economic growth. These challenges were partly a result of global economic trends, but were also a reflection of broader economic and political issues in the country.
  2. Limited Political Reform: Kibaki was criticized for not doing enough to promote political reform and address the underlying causes of political instability in the country. Despite calls for constitutional and electoral reforms, progress was slow, and many of the country’s political problems persisted.

Mwai Kibaki: Former Kenyan president dies at 90 | CNN

These are some of the shortcomings that were associated with Kibaki’s presidency. It is important to note that political leadership is complex and multi-faceted, and that these shortcomings should be seen in the context of the broader challenges and opportunities facing Kenya during this time period.

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