February 23, 2024


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Rift Valley gets 200 new administrators

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Rift Valley region has received additional 200 Assistant County Commissioners (ACC) as the government seeks to expand its presence in the vast region.

Regional Commissioner George Natembeya said the deployment of the officers will enhance service delivery and cooperation between the government and citizens.

Speaking at Langa Langa Secondary School during a pre-deployment briefing for the officers, Natembeya said the creation of new administrative units necessitated the recruitment of more officers.

“For a long time, we have not had any ACCs for the new units, these are new cadets. We also have chiefs who have furthered their education and have been recruited in the same position,”he said.

The administrator added that the new recruits, a majority who are university graduates, had been briefed on what is expected of them in their new positions.

He said the role of the new officers includes overseeing implementation of national government development projects, managing assets, inventory, planning and security.

Natembeya added that the officers are expected to undertake peace building initiatives and coordinate and organise government functions.

“With the ongoing Rapid Results Initiative for ID collection and disbursement as well as the Enhanced Continuous Voters Registration this team will play a crucial role,” he said.


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