October 4, 2023


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Fazul Mahamed The Con Artist Kicked Out of Private Security Regulatory Authority

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Fazul, DG of Private Security Regulatory Authority has been kicked out of office after it was established he was working yet his contract had expired long ago.

Fazul had resigned as NGOs Coordination Board boss after a troublesome tenure that saw him termed ‘controversial, defiant and adamant’.

Fazul was blue eyed boy of Uhuru Jubilee regime and was used to terrorize political opponents during election season and civil society organizations.

Fazul Mahamed quits NGO Coordination Board » Capital News

He took this behavior to the security agency and denied well established firms operating licenses, while issuing licenses to shadowy firms linked to his political masters.

Fazul Mahamed aka Mahamed Yusuf did not graduate from Egerton University, where he claims he studied.

The Registrar of Academic Affairs, Prof SFO Owido, said Mahamed Yusuf, as he was known in college, was discontinued on academic grounds in his third year by the senate on August 26, 2010.

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