October 3, 2023


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From Glory to Obscurity: Why the Jubilee Party Must Innovate to Avoid Fading Away

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Once upon a time, in the political landscape of Kenya , there were three prominent political parties – the Jubilee Party, the Kanu Party, and the Democratic Party.

Each of these parties had once produced a president and enjoyed national support, but over time, they gradually lost their grip on power and popularity.

In the most recent election, the Jubilee Party performed poorly, losing ground to newer and more dynamic parties United Democratic Alliance (UDA) led by president William Ruto.

Kioni convenes Jubilee NDC amid leadership wrangles

This defeat caused a lot of internal turmoil within the party, with factions emerging and blaming each other for the loss. Some members of the party argued that the party had lost touch with the aspirations of the people and had become too entrenched in old ways of doing things.

As the Jubilee Party struggled to find its footing, some of its members began to look to the Kanu and Democratic Parties for inspiration. They noticed that these parties had also once been dominant but had faded away over time due to a lack of innovation and responsiveness to the changing political climate.

Determined not to follow in their footsteps, the Jubilee Party began to overhaul its internal structures and rethink its approach to politics.

Wrangles rock Jubilee as 2022 beckons

It sought to connect with the younger generation of voters who were increasingly dissatisfied with the status quo and looking for fresh ideas and leadership.

This saw suspension of Jeremiah Kioni as Secretary general and was replaced by EALA MP Kanini Kega.

The has party reached out to civil society organizations, community groups, and the media to better understand the concerns and aspirations of the people.

Slowly but surely, the Jubilee Party has began to regain some of its lost ground. It has attracted new members and supporter. As the country is preparing for the 2027 national election, the Jubilee Party is plotting to make a major come back.

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