September 23, 2023


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Burial in South Mugirango Turns Chaotic as Governor Simba Arati Flees Amidst Stone-Pelting

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A burial ceremony in South Mugirango, Kisii, descended into chaos on Tuesday evening, compelling County Governor Simba Arati to hastily escape as unidentified individuals pelted his vehicle with stones.

The situation turned lawless after County Assembly Speaker Philip Nyanumba failed to extend an invitation to area Member of Parliament Sylvanus Osoro to address the mourners at the funeral.

Simba Arati vows not to forgive corrupt county employees – Nairobi News

However, when the governor was introduced to speak, individuals armed with crude weapons unleashed havoc, vandalizing the governor’s car as he sought refuge from the commotion.

The ensuing commotion caused panic among mourners, who scattered in different directions to ensure their safety amidst the unrest.

MP Sylvanus Osoro and Governor Arati had attended the burial of Dishon Ayiema, the father of Boikanga Ward MCA Paul Okombo. The incident took place at the grounds of Riasobera Primary School.

Earlier, several Ward Representatives had voiced criticism against the controversial Financial Bill 2023, setting the stage for a tense atmosphere at the event.

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