February 22, 2024


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Jalang’o to resign from Kiss Fm February next year to vie for MP seat

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Radio personality Jalang’o will vie for the Langata parliamentary seat in the 2022 General Election.

Speaking live on Radio Jambo’s ‘Bustani la Massawe’, Jalas was asked to share part of his manifesto as he prepare to contest for the seat.

The comedian expressed optimism in winning the seat, promising major changes in the constituency. To make this possible, he appealed to the youths to join him in changing and making Lang’ata great again.

Ahead of the campaign season, the breakfast Kiss FM’s presenter says he will step down from his radio job in February next year.

He explained that his main one will be to fight corruption.

”My slogan is ‘Utu wa Watu’, I am so humane and that is what people should understand. Once you are humane, you will not squander funds allocated for development. Corruption is what I want to deal with first.”

Massawe then asked if he will step down on his radio job, Jalas said;

”Yes. On February date 9 next year, I will quit my radio job.”

”Will you not miss the mic?”, asked Massawe;

”I will miss my mic, but when I go to parliament, I will open Bunge FM’.

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