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List of Washing Machine Brands in Kenya Available

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Washing machines, like other appliances, have gone high-tech. Many new models have Wi-Fi connectivity, letting you stop, start, and track cycles with a mobile app. Choosing the perfect washing machine brands in Kenya can seem overwhelming with all the options available.

Buying a new washing machine in Kenya can be overwhelming, but the correct information will make the decision process much more manageable.

Decide whether you want to buy new or used ones and the type of machine that best suits your needs. Washing machine brands in Kenya Many washing machines differ in terms of features, capacity, load, and function.

They also have unique features such as quick wash, protective rat mesh, child lock, and hot wash. Therefore, at the end of the day, you must look at your needs and budget before going for one of the following washing machine brands:

1. Samsung
Samsung is a giant manufacturer dealing with all sorts of products like speakers, TVs, mobile phones, laptops, and washing machines. There are several types of Samsung washing machines in the Kenyan market, and they have different prices. These include: 8 kg front load washing machine 7 kg front load washing machine 8 kg front load washing machine 9 kg 2020 series 5+ Addwash™ washing machine 8 kg 2020 series 5+ Addwash™ washing machine 9 kg Washer with eco bubble™ 7 kg front load with hygiene steam

2. Armco
Armco specializes in various home appliances such as televisions, home theatres, set-top boxes, air conditioners, refrigerators, water dispensers, and washing machines. The company has its origins in Turkey, but it has a subsidiary in Kenya headed by Anand Savani. The typical Armco washing machine is a top load as opposed to Samsung’s front load. Below are some of the Armco washing machines in Kenya: ARMCO AWM-TT1600P – 16 kg twin tub washing machine ARMCO AWM-TT1355P – 13 kg twin tub washing machine ARMCO AWM-TT1255P – 12 kg twin tub washing machine ARMCO AWM-TT1305P – 13.0 kg twin tub washing machine ARMCO AWM-TT1105P – 10.5 kg twin tub washing machine ARMCO AWM-TT905P – 9.0 kg twin tub washing machine

3. VON Hotpoint
This is another company known for home theatres, sound bars, DVD players, washing machines, and other entertainment accessories. The company’s ownership is split between the American company Whirlpool which has rights in Europe, and the Chinese company Haier which has rights in the Americas. The brand has a presence in Kenya and offers the following washing machines: Von VALW-10MLW twin tub washing machine, 10 kg Von VALW-06FXS front load washing machine, 6 kg Von VALW-07MLB twin tub washing machine, 7 kg Von VAWD-906FVK front load washer dryer 9/6 kg

4. LG
The brand has a reputation for attractive colours, sleek designs, and thoughtful features when it comes to washing machines. The LG washing machine comes in various types: front load, top load, and twin tub. It also has a reputation for being among the world’s most reliable washing machine brands. Some of the notable ones in its selection
LG 9/5 kg front load automatic washing machine with dryer 9 kg top load washing machine LG 12 kg front load washing machine /AI DD/ steam (allergy care) 13 kg smart inverter top load washing machine LG 9 kg steam washing machine front load LG 10.5 kg front load commercial washing machine LG 7 kg front load washing machine 6 motion DD steam inverter DD

5. Ramtons
Ramtons is one of Kenya’s leading brands in kitchen and home appliances. The company was conceptualized by Hypermart LTD over twenty years ago and serviced Italian Candy washing machines. The brand is all over the region and also offers support for its products.

Below are some washing machines by Ramtons: Twin tub semi-automatic 12 kg washer – RW/114 Front-load fully automatic 10 kg washer 1400RPM – RW/147 Front-load fully automatic 7 kg washer 1400RPM – RW/148 Front-load fully automatic 12 kg washer 1400RPM – RW/149 Front-load fully automatic 10 kg washer, 7KG DRYER.

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