April 13, 2024


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Respect elected leaders, Kikuyu elders urge

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Kikuyu Council of Elders from Kiambu county now want politicians to respect President Uhuru Kenyatta, his Deputy William Ruto and all other elected leaders.

 The Council’s chairmen drawn from Kiambu’s 12 subcounties noted it was unfortunate that some leaders were not according elected leaders the respect they deserve.

The elders’ representatives stated that all leaders, who were validly elected into office in 2017, should be allowed to complete their tenure in peace if meaningful development is to be realised.

 Speaking after a luncheon at Ithuri Kiama Kiama Cultural Centre in Juja,they said they have seen the county and national governments work tirelessly to revolutionide the country’s infrastructure for economic growth.

 “The developments realised in the country such as construction of new roads, hospitals and schools is as a result of peace and urged Kenyans to uphold peace and unity before, during and after the elections,” said Njoge Minae, the elders’ chairman.

Covid-19 interventions Referring to the Kiambu County leadership, the elders lauded Governor James Nyoro’s administration for properly managing prevention and treatment of Covid-19 NJOGE MINAE I urge Kenyans to uphold peace and unity before, during and after the elections by establishing key.

treatment centres such as Tigoni Hospital which has also been serving patients from outside the county.

“The county administration has done a commendable job on prevention, treatment and management of Covid-19 pandemic and that alone has saved lives.

Our urge is that the current leaders should be allowed to concentrate on developments. Dragging them into politics will only push the country backwards,” Minae added.

Residents of Kiambu, they opined, should not be subjected to early campaigns and instead, the electorate should be allowed to make their independent decisions when the right time comes next year.


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