October 4, 2023


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Revealed: This is why Traffic police are not allowed to inspect a presidential motorcade

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A presidential motorcade is a group of vehicles, typically including the official car of the head of state or government, and a number of accompanying vehicles for security personnel and officials.

The motorcade is designed to transport the president or other high-level officials safely and securely between different locations, such as airports, government buildings, or other public events.

The size and composition of a presidential motorcade can vary depending on the level of security required and the specific needs of the head of state or government.

In some cases, the motorcade may include multiple official vehicles, armored cars, and SUVs, as well as motorcycles and other support vehicles. The motorcade may also be accompanied by a police or military escort, helicopters, and other security measures.

Security lapse as motorist drives with Uhuru into State House

The purpose of a presidential motorcade is to ensure the safety and security of the head of state or government, as well as to provide a visible symbol of authority and power.

The motorcade is typically subject to strict security protocols and is closely monitored by law enforcement and other security personnel.

In many cases, the presidential motorcade is seen as a symbol of the country’s power and prestige, and it may be accompanied by other ceremonial activities, such as military parades or public speeches. However, it can also be a target for security threats, and so it is subject to strict security measures and contingency plans in case of emergencies.

Traffic police officers not only in Kenya but across the world may be reluctant to stop or inspect a presidential motorcade due to a number of reasons, including security concerns and diplomatic protocol.Gallery Of Presidential Motorcades From Around The World

Firstly, the president’s motorcade typically includes heavily armed security personnel and is usually subject to strict security protocols designed to protect the president and other high-level officials.

Security experts states that stopping or inspecting the motorcade could be seen as a security threat or breach, which could put the safety of the president and other individuals in the motorcade at risk.

Secondly, there are often diplomatic considerations at play when dealing with presidential motorcades. The president is typically accompanied by high-level officials, both from the country in question and from other countries, and stopping or delaying the motorcade could be seen as a diplomatic faux pas or insult.

This could potentially harm diplomatic relationships or lead to other negative consequences.

Inside President Uhuru's Motorcade Team - Kenyans.co.ke

In addition to these reasons, there may also be legal or regulatory exemptions in place that make it more difficult to stop or inspect a presidential motorcade. For example, some countries may have laws or regulations that explicitly exempt the president or other high-level officials from certain traffic laws or enforcement actions.

Overall, the decision to stop or inspect a presidential motorcade is a complex one that involves a variety of factors, including security, diplomacy, and legal considerations. Traffic police officers may be hesitant to take such actions due to the potential risks and consequences involved.

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