October 4, 2023


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Rift Between Governor Wamatangi and MCAs Deepens Amid Threats of Impeachment

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Governor Kimani Wamatangi has fallen out completely with the Members of County Assembly (MCAs) in his county. The MCAs have threatened to impeach him, citing mistreatment and lack of development in their respective wards.

Wamatangi, who was a senator before being elected as the governor, has been accused of being arrogant and unresponsive to the needs of the MCAs. The MCAs claim that they have tried to reach out to him on several occasions, but he has always been dismissive of their concerns.

Furthermore, the MCAs allege that the governor has been derailing ward development projects, and has refused to release funds meant for such projects. They accuse him of favoritism and only allocating funds to projects in areas that support his political ambitions.

The MCAs have vowed to impeach the governor if he does not change his ways and start listening to their concerns. They have also called on the national government to intervene and help resolve the issue before it escalates.

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On his part, Governor Wamatangi has denied the allegations leveled against him by the MCAs. He has accused them of being selfish and only concerned about their personal interests instead of the welfare of the people they represent.

The governor has also promised to work closely with the MCAs to ensure that development projects are implemented in their respective wards. He has urged them to put aside their personal interests and work together for the benefit of the county.

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The situation between the governor and the MCAs has raised concerns among the residents of the county, who fear that the ongoing feud could affect the delivery of services and development projects in the area.

The county government has called for calm and urged the MCAs and the governor to engage in constructive dialogue to resolve the issues amicably. The national government has also been urged to intervene and help find a lasting solution to the impasse.

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