July 17, 2024


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Senator Khalwale Demands Ouster of CSs Kuria and Chirchir

CSs Kuria, Chirchir, Must Go! Khalwale Demands Over Fuel Surge

CSs Kuria, Chirchir, Must Go! Khalwale Demands Over Fuel Surge

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Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale has called on President William Ruto to remove government officials whom he believes have been offering misguided advice on fuel-related matters and the cost of living, sparking controversy within the administration.

Senator Khalwale specifically pointed to Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria, Energy counterpart Davis Chirchir, and Presidential Economic Advisor David Ndii, accusing them of failing to meet the President’s expectations.

“These individuals you have appointed are tarnishing your image; it’s high time you let them go,” he stated.

CSs Kuria, Chirchir, Must Go! Khalwale Demands Over Fuel Surge

The Senate Majority Whip insisted that these three officials should be held accountable and pressed to clarify their earlier statements regarding the anticipated reduction in Kenya’s fuel prices, which had been based on a proposed plan for government-to-government agreements.

“I was elected to serve the poor in this country. I don’t care if the wealthy find petrol expensive, but I do care when the bodaboda operators can’t afford to fuel their motorcycles,” he emphasized.

On September 14, 2023, the Energy Petroleum and Regulatory Authority (EPRA) implemented fuel price increases, setting new rates at Sh16.96 for petrol, Sh21.32 for diesel, and Sh33.13 for kerosene.

As a result, in Nairobi, the retail prices for one liter of petrol, diesel, and kerosene now stand at Sh211.64, Sh200.99, and Sh202.61, respectively.

CSs Kuria, Chirchir, Must Go! Khalwale Demands Over Fuel Surge

This abrupt hike ignited public anger, with many accusing the government of failing to fulfill its promise to reduce fuel costs.

Trade Cabinet Secretary Kuria further aggravated the frustration by announcing that fuel prices would see a monthly increase of Sh10 until 2024, adopting a seemingly mocking tone, suggesting that those complaining about fuel prices should consider drilling their own oil wells.

“From morning till evening, if you keep saying the fuel price has gone up, why don’t you dig your own oil well? Those people making noise, if they have their own well, I’m ready to start digging tomorrow,” he remarked.

CSs Kuria, Chirchir, Must Go! Khalwale Demands Over Fuel Surge

Energy Cabinet Secretary Chirchir compounded the disappointment during his appearance before the National Assembly departmental committee on Energy. He revealed that the government’s ability to influence and regulate fuel prices is severely limited, rendering it powerless to take any meaningful action in that regard.

“Our hands are tied. We cannot do anything about the cost of fuel,” he conceded.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, returning from Colombia, expressed disappointment in the leaders’ approach to the issue, cautioning them against displaying arrogance in the ongoing discussion. He emphasized the importance of responsible leadership that inspires hope among the people for a better future.

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