February 23, 2024


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Shocking Revelations Show Government Officials Conspired to Grabbed Pumwani Maternity Land

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Nairobi County Assembly Health Committee will now investigate the grabbing of Pumwani Maternity land that saw doctors thrown out.

According to health committee chairman Maurice Ochieng’ all documentation shows that top county government officials conspired with the developer leading to the loss of county property.

Dr. Oketch Pumwani hospital doctor was assaulted, his items damaged in full glare of inspectorate officials who oversaw the evacuation process.

“We have all documents showing this land belongs to Pumwani Maternity Hospital under County Government of Nairobi and it is a county property… we shall not relent in our journey to reclaim it back..Top officials in lands department, inspectorate team colluded with the grabber and that’s how we lost our land and Pumwani doctors were thrown out.” He said.

“The Senate investigated this matter and they brought nothing tangible..I think it’s high time this assembly take it seriously because it’s our duty to make sure our resources are well protected and we shall not allow grabbers to continue doing these nonsense.” Maurice said. The committee is expected to visit the site this week.

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