December 7, 2023


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Tricks Gachagua used to win Mt Kenya voters heart and become second in command

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Rigathi Gachagua, deputy president of Kenya is loved and hated in same measure in the mount Kenya region due to his strong political personality .

In the last general election, Gachagua won the hearts of the voters in the Mount Kenya region through a combination of personal charisma and effective political strategies.

Political analyst Mwangi Maina has told Opera that Gachagua known for his strong leadership skills and his ability to connect with voters in the region. He was able to tap into the region’s rich voter areas and urged locals to vote for UDA government.

He has said that Gachagua also relied on a combination of economic and social policies that resonated with voters in the region.

Rigathi Gachagua: Life of Billionaire Politician Who Started Out as a D.O -

“He focused on creating jobs, improving healthcare and education services, and promoting local businesses and entrepreneurship. He also made strategic investments in Mathira when he served as MP in key infrastructure projects, such as roads, bridges, and water systems, which helped to improve the standard of living in the constituency and this increased his popularity among voters, “he said.

In the last election that they won alongside president Ruto, Gachagua was able to penetrate the Mount Kenya region by working closely with local community leaders, civil society organizations, and religious leaders.

He established strong partnerships with these groups and was able to harness their support to help him reach and engage with voters in the region. These efforts helped him to establish a solid political base in the region and to build a strong, engaged, and supportive constituency.

Rigathi Gachagua: Ruto's running mate must came from Central Kenya

Both Rigathi Gachagua and William Ruto are prominent politicians in Kenya and had careers that intersected in many ways in past since their youth age and during the Kanu Era and this has contributed to their close links that many believe was shaped by a variety of political, economic, and personal factors.

Political relationships between politicians in Kenya are mostly influenced by a wide range of factors, including political ideologies, personal interests, and regional loyalties.

“Some politicians may be allies and work together on common goals, while others may be rivals and compete for political power. It is difficult to determine the exact nature of the relationship between Rigathi Gachagua and William Ruto and especially as they lay strategies for 2027 general election, “Mwangi said.

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