October 3, 2023


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Tseikuru residents , a small village where Kalonzo was born affected by drought

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The residents of Tseikuru, a small village where Kalonzo Musyoka was born, Yatta Constituency, Machakos County have pleaded with president William Ruto and his deputy Rigathi Gachagua to rescue them from drought.

The area where Kalonzo Musyoka was born, Yatta Constituency, Machakos County in Kenya, is prone to drought, which is a recurring issue affecting the region.

Locals led by Village elder Edwin Mutisya told the press that drought is a serious challenge for the local population, as it leads to food and water scarcity, which in turn exacerbates poverty and puts vulnerable communities at risk.

Mr Mutisya said that drought in the region is mostly caused by several factors, including the changing climate and low rainfall patterns, which affect the ability of crops and livestock to grow and thrive. and this leads to decreased food production, reduced income, and increased food insecurity.

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“In order to address the issue of drought in the region, various efforts have been made by the government and NGOs, such as promoting drought-resistant crops, improving water management, and providing food and water assistance to affected communities. Despite these efforts, however, the problem of drought in the region remains persistent, and more needs to be done to address the root causes and provide long-term solutions, “he said.

He added that the issue of drought in the region highlights the importance of addressing the impacts of climate change, and the need for a comprehensive and integrated approach to sustainable development in the area.

The main economic activities in Tseikuru, are primarily agriculture and small-scale trading and the area is predominantly rural and many families rely on subsistence farming, growing crops such as maize, beans, and vegetables, as well as rearing livestock such as cattle and goats.

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In addition to agriculture, there is also a small-scale trading sector, with local markets where farmers can sell their produce and people can purchase goods and services. Some people in the area are also involved in small-scale manufacturing, such as woodwork and metal fabrication.

“The economy of Tseikuru and the surrounding area is relatively underdeveloped, with limited access to basic services such as healthcare, education, and electricity. However, there is potential for growth and development, particularly in the agricultural sector, with support from the government and private sector investment, “he noted.

Kalonzo Musyoka has been active in development initiatives in the region where some of his iconic projects includes education ,health care ,water and sanitization among others.

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