April 15, 2024


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City Female MCA caught in act with County employee in a parking

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We talk a lot about how Kenyan men prey on young girls but we have never mentioned how influential women use and dump Youngman in this country.

There are women out there who think they can get anything they want just because they have money. Influential Kenyan women are more dangerous than men because they will never hide their influence, if they have it.

My husband Simon has been having an affair with a certain female MCA in one of the Metropolitan Counties. Of course, I knew about this because the MCA wanted to rub it all over my face. She would call him at odd hours, asking for help even though she knew he was married.

She also used to sent subtle insults my way, despite the fact that I didn’t even work in the county assembly, neither did ever try to confront her.

Sometimes, she would call at night and ask if my husband had eaten or he should go eat at her place. It was really disrespectful.

At this point I decided to seek the services of Dr. Mugwenu, a leading herbalist in the region. I desperately wanted to save my marriage.

I called Mugwenu and explained to him that I needed to save my marriage. The doctor promised to help me.

After a few days, one of my husband’s friends called me to go to work immediately. I found my husband and the MCA stuck while making out in the parking. The MCA begged me not expose her. We forced her to pay us a lot of money and leave my husband alone.

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