October 1, 2022


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EACC probing State official’s Sh350million tenders to his companies

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The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) are investigating a procurement official at the Transport, Infrastructure and Housing ministry over Sh350 million tenders irregularities.

David Kinyae Isika allegedly awarded tenders to firms linked to him which include; Wanga-Tech General Enterprises, Davinka Supplies and General Merchants Kola Traders Limited, Stalwart Entertainment Limited, Nissy Liquor Wines and Spirits Limited and Brycen Innovations.

According to the anti-graft body, more than Sh77.4 million passed through Isika’s bank accounts between 2014 and April this year despite him earning a cumulative salary of Sh8.3 million over the seven years.

“There is reasonable suspicion, given the conflict of interest and abuse of office by the 1st respondent (Isika) that the awards of tenders to the companies associated with the 1st respondent were vastly inflated or were procured through fictitious or irregular contracts secured uncompetitively through circumvention of the procurement laws and relevant laws,” the EACC says in court papers.

Additionally, EACC says information obtained from Integrated Financial Management Information System (Ifmis) indicated that one of the companies linked to him, Wanga-Tech General Enterprises, was awarded multiple tenders by the ministry.

The EACC cites bank statements showing that from 2014 to date, Wanga-Tech received Sh90.4 million for contracts at the Ministry of Lands.

Other beneficiaries of the contracts were Davinka Supplies (Sh127.8 million), Kola Traders (Sh33.9 million) and Brycen Smart Innovations which received Sh68.5 million.

The biggest chunk of the money was paid to companies associated with the official and his proxies from the Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development, Nairobi Metropolitan Services and the Ministry of Infrastructure.

The commission obtained a warrant to search his offices and residential homes in April and later filed the petition prohibiting the transfer of the money or withdrawing them.

Now the anti-graft body sought orders freezing the two accounts for six months as it conducts investigations.

Credit: informer

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