April 14, 2024


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Idris Abdirahman Excommunicates 3 Members from MWM after Money Minting, Al-Shabaab Allegations

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Mombasa Walk Movement Director Idris Abdirahman has terminated four members from the organization after the news regarding his son being a part of the Al Shabaab ran viral on social media.

The three Hezron Wafula alias Captain Sanya, Peninah Nduku alias Ninah, and Robert Wilkins Wamalwa also threatened to expose the former military officer Idris Abdirahman for money minting with major banks in the country.

“But maybe it’s about time we said the truth about the money laundering activities you do through KCB and Absa bank Nyali. Where is your son? Why did you go to Somalia in August 2023, we know your links with Alshabaab and how you’re funding,” the four stated in a Facebook Post.

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“This respect has been mutual but splashing our names and photos on social medila means you are baying for war. We are even capable of exposing you you over your sex urge texts and other threatening texts that you have been sending all over,” further read the Facebook post.

It is high time investigative authorities should move with speed and address this issue. The public notice is a shocker to many. It seems that a lot of money is being minted and misused.


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