September 23, 2023


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Kerich Survives Impeachment

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Nairobi City Chief Executive Committee Member for Finance Charles Kerich may be out of the woods after Azimio party leader Raila Odinga waded in to save him from impeachment.

The CEC survived by a whisker after Raila intervened and prevailed upon his Assembly troops to spare him.

According to section of the MCAs who attended Azimio press conference yesterday Kerich rushed to Raila just minutes to the tabling of the impeachment motion, pleaded with him so that the MCAs could stop the “dangerous” mission.

“Kerich literally went down on his knees before Raila….he begged him to intervene ….thereafter we were given direction not to discuss that impeachment motion.” MCA said.

It has been revealed that Kerich has released part of the cash to the assembly.

The motion to impeach him was sponsored by majority leader Peter Imwatok.

He has been accused of denying assembly money.

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