November 29, 2023


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Selfie in The SGR With Slay Queen Lands Nairobi Man in Trouble

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It all started as a joke when Rose, my house maid asked to go back to the village for a few days. I had stayed with Rose for more than two years and she only travelled at the end of the year.

I allowed her to travel because she had been such a loyal servant and deserved a bit of rest. However, I got suspicious when Rose shared pictures of herself in an SGR train. She was traveling to Mombasa, yet her rural home is in Kakamega.

I got suspicious and zoomed in on the pictures. And that’s when I got the shock of my life. I recognized the shoes of the man seated beside her and whose faced had been hidden from the camera. Those were my husband’s shoes.

My husband had told me that morning that he would be in Kisumu for a work seminar. Here he was traveling to Mombasa with the mboch. That evening, my husband sent me pictures from his hotel room in ‘Kisumu’.

Interestingly, Rose also shared pictures from around a similar hotel room in Mombasa. Rose didn’t know I could see her WhatsApp status because she had blocked me, but I use GB.

I immediately swung into action and called Doctor Mugwenu, a famous herbalist known to solve almost every problem under the earth. I told the good doctor that my husband was cheating with our mboch and needed proof.

The next day, I didn’t go to work. I was so mad that I called in sick. To be honest, I was suffering just thinking about my husband with Rose.

At around 5 PM. I got a call from my husband’s brother David. He said he had received a call that my husband had been admitted in Mombasa. Why Mombasa? He was supposed to be in Kisumu.

David told me that my husband had been stuck to the maid as they made love that night. He needed help.

Despite being mad, I asked Doctor Mugwenu to release the spell he had cast on them and I dumped that cheating guy immediately.

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