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Why I left my drunkard husband for a richer man

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I met Jared when i was still young and naïve. I was still in high school and he was a boda boda rider. He would give me free rides to and from school daily and always bought me presents like shoes and earrings.

Thats how i ended up pregnant at 16 years of age.My parents were so dissapointed with me. I ran away from home and got married to Jared.I thought he was my world and we would live happily together.

Shock on me immediately i moved in with him i saw his true colors .He was always drunk and would sometimes beat me up when pregnant. I went through so much pain. Somedays i would go days without eating .i was depressed since i didnt have anyone to talk to since i had ran away from home.

I was too young to go through all this i never thought marriage would get this bad. I had even destroyed my future by leaving school.

One day Jared beat me up and almost lost my pregnancy.As we were waiting for a Matatu a small car came and offered to take us to hospital. I was a bit reluctant but inside was a calm charming guy and we decided to take the offer. I was with a neighbor. The gentleman took me to hospital paid all the bills and even came when i was being discharged.

After telling him about my story he told me he really liked me and would take care of me till i delivered instead of living with Jared

He lived in a big house and treated me like a queen. He told me if i loved him back he would take my baby as his take care of me and ensure i went back to school.

Jared was not happy to see me happy. He started fighting my new man threatening us and claiming he wanted his baby. He ensured i was never happy.

I could not tolerate his nonsense he treated me badly when i was with him and now that i left him he still wanted to seemed suffer .

I decided enough is enough i was not ready to let go of my new life .I visited a renown traditional herbalist DR Mugwenu made Jared completely stay away from us’ lived happily with my new man and our baby was born knowing that he was his dad

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