January 26, 2022


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Why Mount Kenya Foundation officials cancelled Maa Meeting at Safari park today

Mount Kenya tycoons were today expected to hold an exclusive meeting with Maa community leaders at Safari park hotel today to drum up support for Azimio La Umoja.

The movement was is championed by former prime minister Raila Odinga who is seeking to succeed president Uhuru Kenyatta.

According to a media invite sent to the newsroom, the luncheon will be discussing the possible support of Azimio la Umoja that is led by former prime minister Raila Odinga.

“The event will be between Mount Kenya people and the Maa community to discuss issues of mutual interest among them the support of Azimio la Umoja, “Statement read.

The meeting was later called off at the last minute.

According to a reliable source who has sought anonymity, the meeting was cancelled after president Uhuru Kenyatta called for an emergency meeting today at State house with Azimio leaders.

“We couldn’t hold parallel meeting and we will today be at State house for a consultative meeting with president Uhuru Kenyatta, “he said.

Former prime minister Raila Odinga is expected to attend as well as leaders from Maa community.

“The cancelled meeting might take place next week on Tuesday at the same venue, “he said.