October 4, 2023


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Why President Ruto Should Look Beyond Former Governors for CAS Positions”

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As the Kenyan political landscape gears up for the next elections, many politicians are looking to secure their future by jockeying for key positions in the government.

Among those seeking to secure their positions are several former governors who are looking to secure positions as Chief Administrative Secretaries (CAS) in various ministries.

However, in my opinion, President Ruto should not allocate these positions to the former governors but should instead consider the youth.

The youth in Kenya make up a significant percentage of the population and are in dire need of employment opportunities.

Allocating these positions to former governors would only serve to perpetuate the status quo of political elites controlling the government positions, and not necessarily those who have the expertise or are best qualified for the job.

List of former county governors eyeing CAS jobs. ⋆ The People's Informer

Furthermore, many of these former governors left their counties with massive debts and underdeveloped infrastructure.

It would be unwise to allocate them to key government positions without scrutinizing their track record while in office.

It is essential to ensure that those who are appointed to key government positions have a proven track record of delivering on their promises and have the best interest of the people they are serving at heart.

Allocating these positions to the youth would also be a significant boost to the government’s efforts to address youth unemployment. The government has already established the National Employment Authority (NEA) to create employment opportunities for the youth, and appointing them to key government positions would serve as a positive example to the rest of the country.

In conclusion, President Ruto should prioritize the youth when allocating the positions of Chief Administrative Secretaries.

Stephen Mutoro on Twitter: "Why is it that some people want to work - in  the public sector until 'death do us part'? How productive are they - after  60? Looking at

The youth in Kenya are in dire need of employment opportunities, and allocating these positions to them would be a significant boost to the government’s efforts to address youth unemployment.

It is also essential to scrutinize the track record of those seeking these positions, and ensure that only the most qualified and experienced individuals are appointed to these key government positions.

Among the former governors who have been shortlisted to the position of CAS includes Evans Kidero~Nairobi , Patrick Khaemba~ Trans Nzoia  Samuel Tunai~Narok, James Ongwae~Kisii , Samuel Ragwa~Tharaka Nithi, John Mruttu~Taita Taveta,Hussein Dado~Tana River and  Moses Lenolkulal~Samburu

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