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Woman reveals how she reunited with husband after 7 years

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My name is June Shombua from Makueni county. I have been married for 15years with 5 children.

My life in marriage wasn’t easy as it was full of fracas and intimidation from my in-law were always against me.

This forced my husband to run away from me and married my best friend who was our maid during our wedding and this broke my heart into pieces.

My parents at home would feel for me as I didn’t have any source of revenue and I was purely depending on my husband.

Due to what I was going through, my children drop out of school and two got married at the age of 13 and 12 years respectively.

I would hear nothing from my husband and eventually I was chased away by her family members whom claimed I was the source of his disappearance.

One day a friend of mine heard about DR MUGWENU who was a traditional healer and he advised me to seek a help from him.

She gave me his contact and I contacted him. He didn’t even require me to visit him and he directed me on what to do.

After two days, I didn’t believe as I received a call from my husband telling me that he is at home and looking for me.

We arranged and united and now we are living a happily married and our children are back to school.

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