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Influential military personnel wanted to grab my prime piece of land but I objected

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I thought a senior military officer was joking when he asked me to sale him my piece of land. The guy, whom we grew up together, knows very well that it was the only property I had.

Besides, my late father, had given me strict instructions never to sale the piece of land, because I would need to pass it to my son, just like he had done to me and his father before him.

However, this military man could hear none of this explanation as he kept coming back with more money. One day, he brought five times, the value of the land. But I refused to take it because I didn’t want a curse from my ancestors.

The military man went away for a few months. I thought the case was closed only to wake up one day to find tough-faced soldiers fencing my piece of land.

They told me, their boss, had bought the land and they were under firm instructions to kick me and my family out. I rubbed my eyes to convince myself that I was not dreaming. The soldiers had documents which showed that I had sold the land.

I realized immediately that I doomed. I tried to call the senior military man, but my calls were blocked. However, just when I was about to give up, I came across Dr. Mungwenu’s number. I called the famous doctor and my farm was returned back to me within a day.

The senior military man also paid a lot of money for misuse of his powers.

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