April 15, 2024


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Kenyans to produce Covid-19 vaccination certificates when going to hotels, clubs

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Kenyans will soon be required to produce Covid-19 vaccination certificates when going to social places, attending church, going to hotels of their choice, will be required to show their papers.

These are part of the new measures the government has issued in a move aimed at seeking to vaccinate more people.

Pressed with limited time to attain the target of 10 million people vaccinated by the end of December, the government has also announced other new measures to rump up the process.

In a dispatch from the Ministry of Health last evening, Cabinet Secretary, Mutahi Kagwe announced that businesses and premises operating in areas prone to crowds like hotels, bars, lodgings, sporting activities and places of worship should consider the requirement of a vaccination certificate for entry into their premises.

 This, he pointed out, is in line with global practice, and will be extended to political rallies where politicians, as a matter of policy, are expected to mobilise their supporters.

 “I am therefore appealing to our political leaders to ask their supporters who attend their rallies who are mainly the youth to ensure they are vaccinated,” the CS said in a statement.

Kagwe also called on all national government administration officers across the country to participate in social mobilization of people both in the urban and rural areas for them to turn out for vaccination.

 “I believe if these measures are put in place there will be more compliance from our people and the numbers of those being vaccinated will go up,” he stated.

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