September 27, 2023


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My step dad used to defile me, Give me my mum’s family planning tablets-13 yrs old reveal

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When my parents divorced life become very hard. My paternal grandmother chased us away from her home to go and suffer in the streets.

We went to live in the streets with my mother and siblings .My mother got a job at a bar where he met a man who remmaried him.

The man was good for the first days until a few months later where he really changed. He used to beat my mother and abuse us.One day he sneaked into my bedroom and forced me to sleep with him. I was only 13 yrs old .

it was so painful and i felt betrayed.i could not walk upright for the next days.I could not walk straight for days.if anyone asked what was my problem was i lied because my stepdad had threatened to tear my throat down if i said a word.

It became a habit and he would rape me every day.He would false me to take some medicines everyday which i later realized they were for family planning.I became so stressed and weak over the years .my school performance also dropped.

It was then i developed a very strange illness .my private parts were oozing some smelly discharge.i went from hospital to hospital but no medication worked.
It really drained my mother financially. i also told her the whole truth about my stepdad.It was then my mother’s friend advised her to seek DR Mugwenu where i got treated and my got fully healed.

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